Ideal protein vs DIY KETO

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Blog, Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein vs. DIY KETO you ask? It’s a common question we receive at LaVie Center for Health & Weight loss. Here’s what you need to know! Medically designed ideal protein weight loss protocol is unlike your “DIY keto“ diets in many ways. Ideal protein is NOT A high protein diet. We are a protein replacement. We provide the ideal amount of protein you need to protect the body’s lean mass during your weight loss. We provide enough protein to only lose fat while sparing muscle mass. Muscle helps drive the metabolism and the more muscle you have the easier it is to keep your weight off and burn more calories. Still interested in learning the differences between Ideal protein vs DIY KETO? Keep reading!

Protect Lean Mass 

Other keto diets or hypercaloric diets do not provide enough protein to protect the lean mass so you lose muscle mass along with your fat. This results in faster weight regain when going back to regular eating.
Ideal protein does not take anything out of your diet that you will have every day when you are done. We also provide the nutrients in supplement form to replace any nutrients you may be deficient in.
Still interested in learning more about Ideal protein vs DIY KETO? Keep reading!

How Much Fat

Ideal protein diet is also low fat, low carb, and low calories with a higher percentage of protein (compared to carbs and fat) however this does not make us a high-protein diet it just makes the diet unbalanced. This unbalanced state is what makes our diet or lose weight quickly and target only fat loss.
Other keto diets are high in protein, high in fat, high in calories, and use a high amount of animal protein. The body works twice as hard to break down this protein and will only absorb about 75% of it.
 I Ideal Protein is safe and derived from plant-based sources. We are our protein isolate so the kidney and the liver don’t have to work hard to break it down which makes it easily absorbed by the body.
Example 5 ounce fillet has 200 cal and 35 g of protein the body absorbs 70% so about 24 g.
Ideal Protein packet which is a high biological protein has 100 cal and 20 g of protein. The body will absorb approximately 95% so intaking 19 g of protein.
There is still one more component that makes Ideal Protein significantly different from other keto diets!

Personal Coaching 

Ideal Protein also provides personal one-on-one coaching with a certified coach. We meet with our clients weekly and coach them through the weight loss process and also a year into maintenance. With The Ideal smart platform, we provide our clients with daily education through every phase of our protocol. Giving the client the knowledge they need to maintain their weight loss after they’ve reached their personal goal. As well as a year into their maintenance.