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The Ideal Protein Protocol is a clinically developed, scientifically proven, and nutritionally balanced ketogenic diet Protocol that is created to help people achieve weight loss and improve their health.

Ideal Protein diet is offered by thousands of doctors and healthcare providers in the US, helping patients to naturally and safely achieve an ideal weight, metabolic stability, and help with other weight-related issues. The Ideal Protein combines low-carbohydrate, low-fat, and an ideal amount of protein, leading to effective, safe, and maintainable weight loss. The Ideal Protein Protocol also features private coaching, behavior change, education, and empowerment necessary for maintaining a healthy weight in the long term.

Medical Outcomes You Can Trust

1. Effective Weight loss and Enhanced Metabolic Health

Aspirus, a community-directed healthy system based in Michigan and Wisconsin, conducted a study on the impact of the Ideal Protein protocol of the key markers and weight loss. In this study, 233 patients finished at least 12 weeks of the diet protocol, and the results obtained were revealed at the Obesity Week 2016 and the Annual Scientific Meeting of the National Obesity Society.

The research shows that the metabolic health of participants who finished the study improved in just 12 weeks.

This study concludes that the Ideal Protein weight-loss protocol improves blood pressure and lipid profile, especially when it comes to TAG levels and fasting blood glucose levels. The findings indicate that the protocol can help lower the risk of cardiovascular conditions due to effective weight loss.

2. Savings on Weight Maintenance and Healthcare for Three Years

According to a study carried out by Aspirus, participants who successfully completed the Ideal Protein Protocol experienced a mean weight loss of about 12.8%, which resulted in an 18% decrease in total average claim costs and saved each participant an average of $916.97 per year.

Another study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that individuals can lower their risk of regaining weight by roughly 50% if they can maintain their weight loss for two or more years.

3. Lead to Considerable Weight Loss With Lean Mass Retained

After sixteen weeks of being on the Ideal Protein Protocol, women shed an average of 24% fat mass while retaining 95% of their lean body mass. On the other hand, men shed an average of 25% fat mass while retaining 98% of their lean mass.

According to a 2014 Obesity Review,

“Maximizing fat loss while preserving lean tissue mass and function is a central goal of modern obesity treatments. A widely cited rule guiding expected loss of lean tissue as fat-free mass (FFM) states that approximately one-fourth of weight loss will be FFM (i.e., ΔFFM/ΔWeight = ∼0.25), with the remaining three-fourths being fat mass.”

4. Reduce Inflammation and Improve Cardiovascular Health

A study conducted by Avera Medical Center found that patients who finished the Ideal Protein Protocol experienced a 40% decrease in C-reactive protein. Although small in extent, the participant was a breast cancer survivor last an average of 44 pounds. This study also reported a reduction in resting fasting insulin and an average weight loss of 19.9% fat.

Various studies have also linked an increase in the levels of C-reactive protein with a greater risk of inflammatory conditions.

5. Outcomes That Help Manage Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)

The aim of this syidy was to evaluate the impact of Ideal Protein Protocol on liver disease biomarkers and metabolic parameters in patients living with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

The results showed that Ideal Protein has a significant effect on liver enzymes and is a biomarker of liver fibrosis in NASH patients.

It is estimated that more than 16 million American adults (up to 12%) are dealing with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), and the figure is predicted to increase by 63% by the year 2030.

The Ideal Protein Difference

1. Unique Weight Loss Protocols in Omaha

Our diet protocol is clinically developed and in line with scientifically-based guidelines. Our patient outcomes have been shown to be predictable, measurable, and sustainable.


Our weight loss protocol is low-fat, low-carbohydrate, and offers enough amount of protein, which enables the body to efficiently and safely lose fat while preserving muscle mass.

2. Private Weight Loss Coaching in Omaha

Research has shown that the assistance of a qualified coach is the most important thing if you want to shed and keep off weight in the long term. Our coaches offer continuous training regarding Ideal Protein. Through ongoing education and behavior change, we provide dieters with the necessary tips that are important for long-term healthy weight loss and management.

3. Foods & Supplements in Omaha

The Ideal Protein Protocol combines clinically-developed meal replacements and whole foods. A right intake of high-quality protein helps preserve lean body mass. Important nutrients are supplied through daily dietary supplements, low-glycemic veggies, and water. Our products have been approved by the FDA and meet the daily recommended allowance for major food groups and micronutrients.

4. Stabilization & Maintenance Plans

Ideal Protein (IP) is a 3-phase diet protocol that is developed to help people maintain weight in the long term. The weight-loss stage is designed to burn fat through nutritional Ketosis.

After weight loss, the body responds in order to regain its depleted fat stores. Our diet helps weaken this response through the Stabilization stage by adjusting macronutrient consumption in the correct ratio to effectively control hunger, improve satiety, and maintain weight loss.

During the Maintenance phase, patients will continue to get continuous support, education, and meal planning tips from the diet coach and clinic to keep weight off and navigate a wide food landscape every day.

5. Medical Advisory Board

Ideal Protein’s Medical Advisory Board – made up of renowned doctors and obesity experts – offers valuable guidance to healthcare providers who also want to help lower the prevalence of obesity through metabolic change.

6. Widely Offered by Healthcare Providers

Ideal Protein is offered by thousands of healthcare givers in the US, helping patients to naturally and safely move towards a more ideal weight and metabolic stability.

Ideal Protein Omaha by LaVie emphasizes coordinating with doctors for evaluating progress and report review. Contact us to learn more about our Ideal Protein services dedicated to healthcare providers. You can call us at 402-334-3438 or email at

Do you want to learn more about LaVie, Ideal Protein in Omaha, and Medical Weight Loss You Can Trust? Contact us today to learn more about Omaha’s best weight loss coach and clinic!

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