Weight Loss Coaching

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Blog, Ideal Protein, Weight Loss Coaching

Over the last 13 years of Transformational Weight Loss Coaching, I’ve seen hundreds of people drop their weight and hit their health goals using the Ideal Protein protocol.  It’s so rewarding and exciting to watch people start to feel great in their bodies, regain their life and vitality. 

But everyone now and again someone squeaks through who just can’t seem to make it happen or ends up in a yo-yo pattern of losing and gaining over and over again.

That is why I want to share a new offering for those who are truly committed to a lasting change, but just need a little more help.

For some people, weight loss isn’t just about the food they’re putting in their mouth, it’s about the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that are driving their eating habits

Even if they have a “good eating day”, they had to battle hard to overcome the inner monologue, and that is what needs to be addressed, dealt with and put to rest.

In this new 1:1 weight loss coaching offer I’m going to work with just a few highly dedicated people to really help them break through some of the mindset and “inner” work that needs to be addressed so they really can lose the weight, keep it off and transform their life from the inside out. And truly live their best life possible.

This is for you ONLY if:

  • You’re HIGHLY dedicated

  • You’re willing to follow directions without pushback

  • You need accountability

  • You’re willing to invest the time and energy to make the breakthrough

This is not for you if:

  • You want someone to be responsible for your outcomes

  • You’re allergic to hard work and sacrifice

  • You just want to ignore all the thoughts and feelings that are driving your behavior

  • You’re addicted to excuses

I have spots for just 4 of these types of clients in my calendar. If you KNOW you are ready to make a deeper investment in yourself and your health goals, you need stronger leadership and tools to overcome self-sabotage and limiting beliefs, and you know in your CORE the time has come… Please respond to this email now for further details.

If you are eager to connect with someone in the weight loss coaching industry that you can trust and be inspired by…then give me a call.