Working Out With Ideal Protein

by | Feb 7, 2022 | Blog, Uncategorized

Change Your Life

Through the years, individuals are frequently trying to decide on what works best: dieting or exercise. Well, what if you were told that you could exercise while learning how to eat correctly plus developing your unique macro code to maintain what you build? So in layman’s terms, the Ideal Protein Protocol resets bodily organs to almost a “factory reset” which allows you to process what you eat, but the more important part is the actual “what you eat”. But have no fear, Ideal Protein is here! In the protocol, your coach walks you through step by step how to get into and manage nutritional ketosis. Now you may be wondering what that is, so allow me to explain it like this. Instead of only working on your muscles, why not work out your organs as well? Nutritional ketosis allows your body to burn and break down the visceral fats in your body, which makes your body “run smoother”.

Do Not Stop

But you’re still wondering, I thought you said I could work out? So the answer is yes, you can. If you are already working out before beginning the Ideal Protein Protocol, DO NOT STOP. You have developed a norm for yourself and we are not trying to break good habits. What should happen though, is you discuss your workout regimen with your coach and decide if reduced exercise time and/or intensity should occur at least until you and your body get used to nutritional ketosis. If you are not working out, let’s not make you a serial killer. Begin the protocol, but instead of jumping into your friend’s 90-minute Zumba class or taking advantage of a gym offering the new year discount, try going for walks or increasing the number of walks or duration.

This Is Not a Sprint

What you are embarking on is not a sprint or timed. This is a journey and you want to do it correctly while also making the most of it. Also if you are already exercising or deciding to start, you should DEFINITELY be drinking Ideal Protein’s BCAAs. BCAAs (also known as Branch Chain Amino Acids) are crucially important, but Ideal proteins were specifically created to complete the protein chain which maintains and promotes muscle growth. Also ask your coach about the Peach Mango Drink Mix, which offers EIGHTEEN grams of protein (almost unheard of!!), that can be used as a snack or meal replacement! So to all of you muscle heads, cross-fitters, or dog walkers, you too can begin your Ideal Protein journey and get some workouts in!