Ideal Protein Lifestyle Centers
South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska
Distributor of Ideal Protein


Ideal Weigh and their staff have helped me get healthy and like what I see in the mirror. It is a place that not only helps you lose weight, but also teaches you to keep it off. The staff is caring and does their best to set you up for success! Highly recommend!!
The program has been amazing. Good positive results and awesome staff support that don’t make you feel like just a number. They care and are encouraging. They helped me get over myself and get healthy and motivated. In 11 weeks I have lost 37 lbs and over 40 inches….. keeping the ball rolling…I am addicted to this diet!
Ideal Protein works but had to quit using LaVie Weight Loss Clinic because I’m disabled and on a very tight budget because of all the medications I’m on. I would really like to try again if I could afford it.

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